DESCRIPTION: The practice station, set up on top of a standard 28" folding table.

CONSTRUCTION: Because my interest in is playing craps, not wood working, I wanted to make this as simply as possible, yet still attractive. The solution was to use as much ready made material as possible. The sides are 10"x24" wood grain ready-made shelves from Home Depot - the back is a 12"x24" ready made shelf.

The table is 5/16" particle board, which I had cut at Home Depot into two pieces each 24"x16". On the top side under the felt there are two hinges at the far left and right to join the two base pieces.

The back and sides attach with velcro for easy disassembly.

The back has a regulation craps rubber, and the table is covered with a single layer of a felt craps layout (small size, obviously). Both are affixed with 3M Spray Adhesive. The rubber and layout were purchased from:
Which was the lowest price of any retail outlet.

COMMENTS: The single layer of felt makes this a fairly hard craps surface - and a harder surface can be more challenging to play on. However, the thinking is that a practice station should provide as much "challenge" as possible to best emulate worst case real world situations.