Odd Things Andy Says - Sometimes I say odd are some :) - My website dedicated to my Mercedes who I call Freya. (page curca 2001, just restored)

Photography Selected Photos from 1982 to 2004

Resume - My own credits list - more complete than IMDB — Me at IMDB.COM - My Internet Movie Database Listing of credits

My EMMY page! - Those cute little statues I won years back

Craps Practice Table My Portable Craps Practice Table, now at my Dances With Dice site!.

Dances With Dice ! If you like craps check out my Dances With Dice site, dedicated to furthering the art and science of dice control.

Searching for an amazing actor? Andrew Somers is classically trained, and experienced in live improv and immersive theater in addition to on camera. He's also a writer and film editor, and makes amazing choices to help you tell your story.