Added in 2003, my third Emmy.
This was for the pilot of Smallville.
Here's a picture of the team - I'm on the far left:

Click Here for a quicktime movie of the Smallville win!

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For historical purposes, I've left my "old" emmy page essentially unchanged from the way it was back in 1995:

The Original Andy's Emmy Page:

As featured on Mirsky's "Worst of the Web."

Circa 1995, hand coded HTML and cheesy graphics. Sad. In fact it is so very old that I had to reverse engineer the styling to make it look the way it did in the 90s on today's modern browsers, LOL. Wow, actually. SO MUCH has changed.

But here, the default "Times" font, and the links being BLUE when unvisted and turning purple or red after visiting. Ultra-low quality images. Tables used for formatting. Not to mention the blinking word "EMMY" in the title. YIKES!

But on the plus side, back in the day it did make Mirsky's "Worst of the Web." If you may remember that, in the early days of the net (way before Google) this guy Mirsky surfed the web finding all the odd and sometimes amusing bits of the early days of the World Wide Web. Stuff like the Strawberry Pop Tarts Blow Torch Page (which is still up!), or a dorm Coffee Maker on the net.

Finally, my Bob Manahan Story

Mirsky's site sadly is no longer around... but much more sadly also not around is Bob Manahan, who passed away some 19 years ago (circa 2000). He had brought me onto this show and was a major influence on my sound career. And this reminds me of a weird little tidbit that I've been meaning to write down for over a decade.

When I was in High School circa 1981, there was a TV show called "Real People" which was a one-of-a-kind entertaining look at Americans. They focused on people with weird, unusual, or just fascinating jobs or hobbies.

One episode they featured a guy that made sound effects in his garage. He had a ton of gadgets and could make this water drip sound by flicking his cheek and going "dwwep". At the time, I thought "wow, doing sound effects looks like a really fun job!!" and it became a goal of mine to get into sound effects for TV and Film.

FAST FORWARD to 1991. I'm hired by Modern VideoFilm for the sound department, where I started by doing transfers. This is where I met Bob who was the senior mixer at the time. Within my first year I had moved up to mixing effects, second chair to Bob, for the first season of "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers."

One day he made a water drip sound by flicking his cheek with a dwwep. At some point the memory came back of the TV episode I had seen in high school, and I asked Bob if he was ever involved with Real People. In fact he was, he was actually the mixer for that show.

And YES, he was the guy making sound effects in his garage, that I had seen in that episode. The guy that in some ways had originally inspired me to get into sound. And there I was, mixing a national TV show with him.

As it happens, he liked the work I had been doing for Power Rangers, and hired me away from Modern for his separate company Sound Satisfaction, where I worked on Beakman's, and ultimately picked up two Emmys, two years in a row.

I essentially retired from sound in 2005, and now focus on picture editing, visual effects, and title design....Oh, and acting and writing and directing...

So at the very least, I am keeping this ancient old EMMY page up as sort of a half-assed memorial to Bob Manahan, RIP.

Welcome to

Andy's EMMY page!

 This page made Mirsky's
I'm so honored!
I'd just like to thank the acadamy.....


Here's the "official" picture of the sound team for Beakman's World

From left to right:

Tim Harsh, Bob's assistant
Alan Porzio, Sound Designer
Bob Manahan, Sound Mixer
Andrew Somers, Sound Designer

Here's a picture of the sound team for Beakman's World

From left to right:

Alan Porzio, Sound Designer
Bob Manahan, Sound Mixer
Tim Harsh, Bob's assistant
Andrew Somers, Sound Designer
(I'm the tall handsome one on the right)

Here is a more candid shot of me (on the left)
and Bob Manahan (on the right)
holding onto our EMMYs wherever we go!

If you don't have a WWW browser, and you want to see these gifs, then

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