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Andy Somers Credits List

Selected Credits Include:


Clemency (Feature, supporting, Lead Protestor) Those Who Can’t (TV, Featured Homeless) Legion (TV, Featured Homeless) The Return (Feature, supporting, "WSTL Newscaster")
The Fourth Kind (Feature, supporting, "Real Dr. Campos")
In Crowd (Feature, Loop Group)
Atlanta (Pilot, Loop Group)
Balls of Fury (Feature, Loop Group)
The Most Important DVD You'll Ever See (AFI Short, Lead, "Swanky")
The Pro (USC short, Lead, "The Victim")
Farsighted (FA short, supporting, NASCAR Sportscaster)
Adam and Kerry Show (pilot, Recurring Co Star, "The Talking Camera")
IS20 (FA Short, supporting, News Announcer)
Women of Wrestling (Sportainment, Recurring, Voiceover and various on-camera bits)
American Muscle Magazine (Reporter) Various industrials, infomercials and promos for:
Mattel Toys, Riklis Broadcasting, KADY TV, etc.
And finally: Thousands of radio commercials

 Editing/Sound Design/VFX

of the Week:

Christopher Robin (End Credits Roller)
The Equalizer 2 (Main and End Titles)
Beauty and the Beast (2017 Live Action) (End Titles, Motion Graphics Design)
American Dream American Knightmare (Main and End Titles, Motion Graphics Design)
Southpaw (Main and End Titles)
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (Main and End Titles)
Sex Tape (Main and End Titles)
The Interview (End Credit Crawl)
The Equalizer (Main and End Titles)
Dark Skies (Visual Effects)
Evidence (Visual Effects Supervisor, Main and End Titles)
Re-Kill (Visual Effects Supervisor, Title and Motion Graphics Designer)
Traitor (Stock Footage Research)
TRON Legacy (Previz Editor, End Credit Crawl)
The Fourth Kind (Visual Effects Supervisor, Main and End Titles, Voiceover)
Terminator Salvation (Previz Editor, Video LookBook Research/Editing)
Balls of Fury (VFX Editor, VFX Artist, Main Title Designer)
The Return (First Assistant Editor, Music Editor, Main and End Titles, Voiceover)
The Thing About My Folks (First Assistant Film Editor, Main Title Designer)
Along Came Polly (Music Editor)
Death to Smoochy (Main Titles, Visual Effects)
Dogwalker (Associate Producer, in charge of Post Production)
Solitude (Supervising Sound Editor, Co-Producer)
How High (Music Editor, Sound Designer)
(uncredited Sound Effects/conforming Editor)
America So Beautiful
(Film Editor & Associate Producer)
Battlefield Earth
(Sound Effects Editor)
In Crowd
(Sound Effects Editor)
The Green Mile
(uncredited Fairlight conforming Editor)
If Tomorrow Comes
(Film Editor)
(uncredited Fairlight conforming Editor)
Deep Blue Sea
(Sound Effects Editor)
The Thin Red Line
(Sound Effects Editor)
..(Note: The Thin Red Line was nominated for an Oscar for best sound)

The Matrix
(uncredited Fairlight conforming Editor)
Deep Impact (Golden Reel Nominee)
(Dialog, ADR, and FX Editor)
(Sound Effects Editor)
(Dialog Editor)
Kull the Conqueror
(Dialog Editor)
Glimmer Man
(uncredited Fairlight conforming Editor and Dialog Editor)
(Dialog Editor)
Grumpier Old Men
(Sound Effects Editor)
(ADR Editor)
(uncredited Fairlight recordist)
(Dialog Editor)
Meet Wally Sparks
(Dialog Editor)
Tales from the Hood
(Dialog Editor)
Voices From a Locked Room
(Dialog Editor)
Children of the Dust
(Dialog Editor)
Shadow of a Doubt
(Dialog Editor)
Without Warning
(Sound Effects Editor)
The Judds (Golden Reel Nominee)
(Dialog and ADR Editor)
Loving Deadly
(Sound Designer/Sound Effects Editor)
Mr. Payback
(Sound Effects Editor)


Beakmans World (Sound Designer)(2 time EMMY winner!)
Smallville (Sound Effects Editor)(EMMY winner!)
(Picture Editor)(Sundance honorable mention 2001)
Pop Rocks (VH1 Pilot)
(Picture Editor, DVFX, & Camera)
Adam and Kerry Show (Pilot)
(Picture Editor)
I Shaved My Legs For This?!
(Picture Editor)
(Picture Editor)
WOW(Women of Wrestling)
(Associate Producer/Picture Editor)
Jack & Bobby (Sound Effects Editor)
Everwood (Sound Effects Editor)
Fallen Angels
(Sound Designer)(Golden Reel Nominee)
The Kindred(Dialog Editor)
Red Shoe Diaries(Dialog Editor)
J.A.G.(Golden Reel Nominee)(Dialog/ADR Editor)
Beverly Hills 90210(Dialog/ADR Editor)
Melrose Place(Dialog/ADR Editor)
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers(Sound Designer/Re-Recording Mixer)
Earth 2(Dialog/ADR Editor)
Second Noah(Dialog Editor)
Under Suspicion(Dialog Editor)
Models Inc.(Dialog Editor)
Baywatch(Dialog Editor)
The Martin Show (Sound Effects and Music Editor)
The Edge (Sound Effects and Music Editor)
 Director of Photography

Dirty Hollywood (pilot)
Lauren and Kim (short)
Adam and Kerry Show (pilot)
LA Guitar Murders (feature)
Nutz, Yutz, & Klutz (children's television pilot)
GLOW (Internationally syndicated sportainment series)
Knockouts (pay per view sportainment special)
Various industrials, infomercials and promos for:
Mattel Toys, Riklis Broadcasting, The Riviera Hotel, and others.

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