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Visionary Research?!

Andrew is in the midst of a major research project on color theory and visual perception. Earlier this year he joined the W3C as the invited expert on Color Theory and Perception. You can read more about the current experiments and progress at the Myndex Perception Research page.

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Solar Flyer

This is a compilation set to music of some animations I did of a solar system flythrough. I built the solar system from scratch in C4D, using basic spheres (er, like what else, LOL) and texture maps created from NASA imagery.

No narration, just some planets and Hubble waltzing around...

SPACE is really BIG!

One of the things I learned along the way is that we really have no idea of how small our planet is, and the vastness of empty space around us. The best analogy is this: Imagine you have a green pea in the center of your dining room table. That little pea is the SUN. Now the earth is a microscopic fleck of dust on the outer edge of the table. You need a powerful microscope to see it.

(Don't sneeze...)

In the animation, the Earth is about 9 layers of concentric spheres, as the ground, water, clouds, etc. are all separate, and several are for the "thin blue atmosphere" because using a few concentric and differently sized transparent sphere is cheaper (computationally, it's faster) than a thick "layer" of an atmosphere. The shadows you see on the ground or water are being cast by the clouds layer. The night time lighting is a a lighting layer that is back lighting a diffuse cloud layer. Etc.


Medium.Com Publications

The version of AngryAndrew — if you like biting, cynical satire, AngryAndrew is for you.

The every so slightly softer, spiritual side of Andrew is embodied in these essays on Life, Existence, and Meaning as we hurl through the galaxy on our Cerulean Sphere.

If you went to a car dealer to buy a car, and they only had black or white vehicles available, you'd probably go find another dealer. And indeed most dealers carry dozens of color styles and trim packages. The point? We have more choices about the car we buy than we have over the politicians we vote into office. The two-party system represents a failure to represent. The United America Party presents key concepts for change and a path to a more centrist democracy.

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